2022 Year in Review

The best way to review the year I have had is to come back 10 years later. Depending on how events unfold in the next decade, the year could turn out to be either my best year yet or the worst. Whatever happens though, I know I asked God for a sign this year and he provided one at the last minute so I feel pretty confident about this one

It feels selfish to talk about 2022 without mentioning the universe-changing things that happened to everyone at once. Everyone came into this year thinking this was finally the year to bid the ghost of COVID goodbye and see tremendous recovery but no one thought Putin would be bold enough to actually go to war with Ukraine. No one expected all the economic crash that came as a result. I don’t think we have seen a year quite like this one in my lifetime.

I was looking through my To-Do lists for 2022 the other day and I was surprised to see that I’d ticked most of the boxes off. It’s either I set the bar low or I overachieved, however, it got me wondering like I was surprised to see that I’d ticked most of the boxes. My mental picture of 2022 did not see me achieving much but, God surely did a thing! There was growth this year in all ramifications but those things barely matter in the grand scheme of things.

It feels like the biggest lesson for me this year was that there are so many important things that matter more than you, you’re literally a dot on the planet and whatever you do that doesn’t impact the greater good feels futile. Surely, the best way to live live is to live for something bigger and greater than yourself and that’s actually one of the things I’m most proud of this year. The fact that I lived for more than for me. It may not have been executed perfectly or seamlessly but the intent was surely there.

At the beginning of the year, I started a list of all the things I did for the first time this year, and there are 46 things on that list as at the time of writing this. I loved the thrill of that list and will be looking to maintain that practice. I also used a Tim Ferris year review template to track the positives and negatives of the year, looking at that list now, there were more positives than negatives, numerically, but when I place the negatives under intense scrutiny, I find that they carry more weight than the plenty things I had under the positive list.

Like I said in the beginning, only in 10 years’ time would I be able to tell the impact of this year, so go have a good one and be thankful to God for keeping you alive for it is in hin we move, live and have our being. None of “you” would have been possible without his making, so be thankful!

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

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