About Me

Hi there!

My name is Miracle Ihemrochi Onyebuchim, aka Miracle Roch, and I’ve always been passionate about problem-solving. As a management consultant early in my career, I focused on providing core business strategy advice and documents to businesses. But I soon realized that businesses needed more than just a well-thought-out strategy to succeed, so I began exploring other aspects of the companies I advised.

I delved into operations and commercial functions, building financial models, and advising companies on their financial growth. I also helped businesses with market expansion plans, building out new products from ideation to launch, project managing big-ticket items, and designing workflows and implementation plans that were suited to the reality of the day.

My work has taken me across a variety of sectors, including financial services, technology, digital commerce, governance, social development, and human capital. Today, I’m proud to be both a management consultant, a corporate trainer, as well as a product manager. I sit on the razor’s edge of two worlds – strategy and technology – and I use their combined power to create unique business models for African businesses and governments.

I’m passionate about helping brands, businesses, and individuals reach their full potential, and I’m happy to say that my personal and corporate endeavors are all aligned towards this mission, whether that means training employees on key productivity hacks, mentoring startups and school students or reengineering business processes. I’m known for being a ball of energy and a curious mind with the ability of a seer, able to cut through the chase in diagnosing foundational business issues and providing the right recommendations to solve them. When I’m not working, you can find me indulging in my interests, which include football, travel, oceans, politics, and reading works by Dostoevsky, Malcolm Gladwell or Adam Grant.

As the Lead Partner at Chronicle Strategy Partners, a management consulting firm helping clients across the continent design and implement successful strategy models, I am also the Head of Products for one of Africa’s top technology startups where I lead a phenomenal team to build groundbreaking digital products. I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. I hold a degree in Physics and Astronomy, as well as several certifications in Project Management and Technology, and I’m pleased to have been recognized by institutions such as the British Council and the World Bank for my work on technology, strategy, and development across Africa. I shuffle between the United States and Nigeria.